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price guides
These price guides give an indication of the costs for makes and alterations.
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MADE TO MEASURE OCCASSION WEAR  prices from occasion jacket		£400 occasion short dress	£300 occasion top			£150 occasion skirt		£150 short wedding dress	£800 long wedding dress		£1800 bridesmaids			£250   These prices do not include fabric MADE TO MEASURE EVERYDAY CLOTHES  prices from tailored jacket	£450 coat			£500 day dress		£220 skirt			£150 trousers		£150 top			£120 blouse			£150 waistcoat		£150  These prices do not include fabric A GUIDE TO EVENING AND BRIDAL ALTERATIONS   Alterations to the dress		 shortening per layer		£30 with lace 				£60  Alterations to the bodice		 shoulder lift				£30 with beads or lace			£60  bodice alterations with boning	£65 with beads or lace			£85  Alterations to sleeves		 reworking				£35  Alterations to a train		 reshaping a train			£80 OTHER ALTERATION COSTS AVAILABLE ON REQUEST